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The Inevitable Return

2013-09-03 20:36:09 by TheN0mad

wow.....haven't one of these in a while, it seems like alot of stuff has happened since my last post...

my bankruptcy has been paid for and finished

i have my own vehicle and it is quite nice a 1998 honda CRV

my job has gotten significantly less horrible now that i have moved up a bit...

im hopefully going to be on my way back up to michigan sometime here in october

my sister is getting married and im quite happy for her

i dunno i know iv been posting here every now and then but i cant quite seem to get the hang of things lately
everyone is going off to college and im sitting here with an bankruptcy on my file and im not going to get anywhere in my field without a degree
and while i can build credit i cant exactly take out a college loan with a bankruptcy on my name for 7 years.... just feels like im drawing in the wind i guess
i have so much stuff piled up in two sketchbooks from this summer alone and i can barley bring myself to finish anything... i just don't have the motivation for anything anymore
i know that im pretty much just drawing for myself at this point but when something is supposed to be helping you get somewhere in your life its hard to see the point with so many setbacks i guess
but in that im drawing for myself im learning to just kinda go with whatever im drawing i guess... going with the flow as it were....caring less about mistakes and overall composition and more about subject matter and message... im not sure if this is a good thing but i can always go back to what i know i suppose

anyway to whoever still reads my drivel
more arts to come



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