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2012-11-19 16:28:26 by TheN0mad

well....shit kinda got crazy.... and stuff happened.....

to make a reaaaalllyyy long story short my buddys GF broke up with him and i was left without a place to live, more absurd things happened and i am now in north canton ohio with my father

this is all very very strange to me still..... seeing as i haven't spoken more than an couple sentences with my dad for a while, even when he called or came up to visit me and my sister we never had much to talk about
my sister would do most of the talking as they have a much better relationship....
my dad doesn't understand me much, and he has no idea what i usually do on a daily basis and he seems to be kind of surprised that a large portion of my time is spent behind a tv or a computer.... ever more so now because car/job.....also...ohio....and not being around any of my friends or other family really sucks, im trying to keep in contact but its not easy.... and i doubt any of my friends want to drive 3 hours to come visit....which leaves me quite all the time... life is hopefully going to work out soon...or so i hope...

but hopefully i can get to know my dad a little better and he can learn alot more about me... and hopefully he is accepting of the fact that his son is super artistic nerdcase animetard.....doubtful...

in other news my buddy devins wedding was on the 10th and man was that ever fun, i got to party with all my friends before i left for ohio and stuff....there was karaoke and we all danced gangam style which was hilarious

and by far the best news of all is that i now have my old computer set up and running which means alot of arts to come

peace out


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2012-12-24 06:25:34

instead of mulling over thousands of things to say to cheer you up ima just gonna take a wing at it.
Life sucks at times then life wants to suck even more at other time's. I may not have a job here in a few months. But life has its Shiny bits that you can touch, when i say "you" i mean YOU. Your art made makes my day better with every emotional ...err..really smart word for great artsy stuff you make! So Do your best no matter how hard that ball life throws we all know it wont kill you....just leave a nasty mark...Cheers to fixing the bridge between you and your dad, wish i could have done the same but that last pitch hit me in the groin and i forgot to pack a cup. Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS! sorry but it has a better ring then happy holidays...